Just Two Koala Bears Duking It Out In The Middle Of The Road WWE Style

Photo: Wrennie (Getty)

Some of the craziest shit we have ever seen here at Mandatory has come out of Australia.

Of course, there was that time we watched a deadly redback spider “liquify and drink” a brown snake. If that didn’t do the trick in scaring the everliving shit out of you, maybe getting punched right in the face by a kangaroo will. Still no? How about the “unluckiest man in Australia” getting nipped in the penis not once but twice by a venomous spider?

But sometimes that crazy shit coming out of Australia isn’t necessarily terrifying. Take these two koala bears fighting in the middle of the street WWE style, for example. I’m not sure how you judge this one to determine a winner, unless you come to the same conclusion we did that all of us are winners for being able to witness something like this in our lifetimes.

No word what the brawl was over, but our guess it that it was most likely over a female.

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