Watch This Dude Get Absolutely Crushed While Hoverboard Jousting

We could be wrong, but we’re pretty sure hoverboards were created to get people from Point A to Point B quicker than if they were just hoofing it. Naturally, some human beings have given that notion the ol’ f**k it treatment and have found far more exciting uses for them.

Take these guys, for example. Instead of sitting in their hotel rooms and debating about whether they should drop $14.99 on a one-time viewing of “Barely Legal 14” on their standard definition TVs or $17.99 for 24 hours of high-speed internet connectivity, they decided to take their hoverboards out to the hallway and use them as a means to joust each other.

Let’s see how that worked out for them thanks to the Ridiculousness Facebook:

We’ll go out on a limb and say 50 percent of them will consider giving hoverboard jousting another try.

h/t Uproxx

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