Wrong Dude Gets Knocked Out During Subway Fight

Life is one big game of “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

Take this subway fight, for example.

When two dipshits start swinging bags and belts at each other, you have four options as we see it. For starters, you could take the path that one person thankfully did and pull out your cellphone to record the scuffle, or you could do what I usually do and walk to the opposite end of the platform because there’s no reason to leave this world on the account of these two ass clowns.

You could also attempt to bring the skirmish to an end by either calling 911 or standing between the two morons, or you could attempt to get a closer look at the action by standing behind the nearest column, knowing that by doing so, you’re potentially putting yourself in harm’s way.

Well, one dude recently chose that final option. Let’s see how that worked out for him:

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I’m telling you, guys. If he just walks to the other end of the platform, he’s still awake and getting on the next train, and he’s probably home in time for some late night Skinemax. Now he probably doesn’t even know where home is.

Here’s to hoping he chooses more wisely the next time around.

h/t Barstool Sports

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