Watch This Monkey Steal Cash From An Indian Jewelry Store

Let it be known amongst all Indian jewelry store owners that the next time a monkey throws a guava into your store, just lock the door and hold a sign up against it that reads something like, “Hey thanks for the fruit, monkey.” Otherwise, this could happen:

That’s right, kids. A cheeky monkey in Guntur recently tricked a jewelry store owner into letting him into the store by throwing a guava inside. When the owner opened the door, the primate ran inside, eventually found the cash register and stole $144 before running out the wide-open door to freedom.

The owner’s attempt to lure the monkey away from the money with a banana was a futile one, as it had already demonstrated by sacrificing the guava that food was of no importance to it. Plus, we’re sure whoever trained it to steal cash from unsuspecting business owners probably had something better like a mango or Miller Lite waiting for it when it got back home.

h/t UPI

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